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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Play Moshi Monster: Adopt an Online Pet

moshi monsters' logo

Moshi Monster is a free online game which brings a virtual world where in you can adopt a pet.

Moshi Monsters was released in 2007 by the British firm Mind Games. Like Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters caters to a young audience. (8-12 year olds are the target) Like many other web based games, Moshi Monsters is a mix between a social network and an online game.


cheesemunk, picture of a moshi monsterPlayers start by adopting a monster of which there are six types. Then you'll give it a name and design its color scheme. Each Monster has a lively personality that develops the more it is played with. Monster owners can nurture their pet by solving daily puzzle games to earn Rox, the in-game currency.

Rox can be used to buy weird and wonderful things in the virtual shop to keep Monsters healthy and happy. Monster owners can make new friends and connect with existing friends through a wide variety of safe social networking features such as Monster blogs, Newsfeeds, pinboards and buddy lists.
picture of a moshi monster in his house
The best thing is that while your child enjoys playing Moshi Monster they also learn.  How does this happen?  Every day your child's monster will create a series of fun puzzles that test everything from vocabulary and arithmetic to logic and spatial skills. The better your child does at these puzzles, the more Rox they'll earn to buy cool things for their monster. The difficulty level of the puzzles automatically calibrates each day, so puzzles get harder if they are doing well, and easier if they are struggling.
moshi monster answering puzzles

Your child has plenty of opportunity to learn new vocabularies too, Moshi Monsters love words and communicate with their monster owners regularly via speech bubbles, to encourage reading. Their moods are visually represented and also expressed by a word.

Isn't it great? Your child plays and learns at the same time


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you forgot about the moshlings.

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